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Anglo Saxon Boats

I set Year 4 a challenge to find out about Anglo Saxon boats – they didn’t disappoint me!!  I have enjoyed looking at impressive 3D boats, information posters, sketches, Lego creations and information pages!  We now all know where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came from and which sea they crossed! 

I am very impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm my class have shown since the start of term! 

Miss Harwin

3 thoughts on “Anglo Saxon Boats

      1. Brilliant. I have been so excited by my discoveries in East Anglia relating to the Anglo Saxons. Having lived in Gloucestershire it was very much about the Romans and in Scotland it was the Picts, Celts and Scots plus the Normans who had a huge influence. At school we didn’t learn about these things in the 50’s and 60’s so I am really truly delighted that Stibbard children have a wonderful opportunity to examine amazing sites near to home.


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