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Anti-Bullying Week Assembly

Today I introduced Anti-Bullying week to all the children in the school.  I started by presenting them with a mystery box. I told the children that it contained something unique, special, crucial and valuable.  They finally guessed that there was a mirror inside the box and that it was their own reflections that they could see, therefore highlighting that they are all special.

image_7Next, I got some baking ingredients out of my basket and asked the children what I could make – many said cakes, cookies and fairy cakes.  I then explained that each ingredient was very different but played a vital role in creating something special.  Combined, each ingredient adds something important to what is being created.  I then displayed a cake!

The message behind this was simple…we are all unique, special and really important and it is our individually that makes us who we are, but when we work together with others, we can create something even more special like ‘the cake’.  Our school was compared to ‘the cake’.


I have asked every child to design an anti-bullying poster and I will choose a winner from each class and these will be announced on Friday.

On Thursday, the children can come to school in odd socks.  This is to highlight and celebrate the concept of us all being different.  We ask the children to donate £1 to do this.  Money raised will be sent to the Anti-bullying Alliance.

Miss Harwin

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