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Seat Belt Safety

On Friday, we had a visit from Nigel on behalf of ‘THINK!’Education.  He spent time in Reception and Year 4 telling the children about safety inside the car.  He emphasised the importance of wearing seat belts and using booster seats.


Children under the age of 12 and also under 135cm tall must use the appropriate child restraint for their weight (not age) when travelling in the front or back seat of any car, van or goods vehicle. there are very few exceptions.

‘Child restraint’ means any of baby seat, child seat, booster seat or booster cushion.

A child can use an adult belt when they reach 135cm or their twelfth birthday, whichever comes first.

When a passenger reaches the age of 14 years and over, they are responsible for wearing their own seat belt, until then, the driver is fully responsible.

Helping you child stay safe

  • Make sure that your child has the right type of seat or booster.
  • Make sure that the seat or booster fits your car.
  • Make sure it is properly fitted in your car every trip.
  • Check that your child’s booster seat raises him/her into the correct position so that the belt fits well.
  • Make sure your child knows that it is against the law for them not to use a child restraint if they are under 12 years old and also under 135cm tall.
  • Make the child seat/booster theirs – take your child with you when you buy it. The fit for the child and in the car are the first priorities, but then you can get them to choose the colour or pattern they like best, so that they can feel it’s theirs.

For more information, go to:-

Miss Harwin


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