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A Day in Cambridge

What a great day. We started off at the Fitzwilliam Museum where we had a workshop looking at portraits, sculptures and armour and thinking how people are defined by these. We looked at the faces in paintings, the expressions shown and then at clothes looking to see how they reflected personalities. It was very interesting and got the children thinking. In groups the children were given a pose that they had to show. They worked quickly and communicated well between themselves.

After lunch we explored the museum to discover so much more from Ancient Egyptians to pottery from Stoke.

Next we walked to King’s College Chapel where the children were able to explore the building, all the while whilst an amazing rehearsal of the Brahms Requiem by The Perse School was bring rehearsed. After a Happy Meal we met up with the parents and friends who had travelled with us and went to a sung Evensong service in the Chapel. The children listened attentively and followed the service well. They were able to hear the amazing organ and the world famous choir with children their age singing.

Thank you Year 6, you have been a credit to the school, two members of the congregation came up to me at the end and said how impressed they were with the children, I had to agree.

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