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Easter homework for Year 3

Dear Year Three

Today you will have been given a runner bean seed and a diary for your science homework. During the holidays, we would like you to observe what happens to your bean.

Step 1: Soak your bean overnight.

Step 2: Use kitchen roll to hold your bean in place inside a drinking glass or glass jar.

Step 3: Put a little water in the jar. (Enough to get the kitchen roll moist but not soggy!)

Step 4: Place the jar in a warm sunny place.

Step 5: Check your bean everyday and keep the kitchen towel moist by adding more water if needed.

Step 6: As changes happen to your bean, use words and pictures to record them in your diary. (Don’t forget the date each time!)

You will need to keep adding to your diary throughout next term, but bring your diary into school each Friday so we can see how your bean is growing! Good Luck!

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