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Year 4: A Day with the Egyptians

Today, at Norwich Castle, we met Dr Derry, one of Howard Carter’s team of Egyptologists, who had been exploring Ancient Egypt and making fascinating discoveries.  The team had recently uncovered the tomb of Tutankhamen and were excited to share their knowledge with the world.  However, maybe not everyone felt that uncovering the treasured tombs of the dead was such a good idea…..

Year 4 were taken back in time so they could meet Ancient Egyptians!  They explored genuine artefacts and became amateur archaeologists.  The children enjoyed a fun activity which reinforced their knowledge of mummification. They also spent time in an imaginary village, dressed up and took part in a procession!  In addition this, everybody got the chance to be creative and make shiny Egyptian collars.

The children were constantly asked to think about whether ancient artefacts should be left in tombs with their rightful owners, or whether archaeologists should remove them for preservation and educational purposes.

I was proud of the children today, they really embraced the activities and behaved beautifully.  They certainly remembered a great deal of what I had taught them and were able to ask and answer a great many questions.   The Castle staff were brilliant and  ensured that our day was engaging, fun, memorable and educational – they succeeded in bringing the Ancient Egyptians to life.

Miss Harwin


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