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We’ve had a ‘crate’ time

What a fabulous morning. We’ve just finished our final activities and will shortly have the lunch we made this morning. It would appear that wedgies are popular whilst hanging safely in the air. You have some very happy children who have a lot to tell you about their experiences. Here’s few comments.

Izzy T “I enjoyed crate stacking”.

Zak “I got a wedgie on Jacobs Ladder, the zip wire and crate stacking”.

Poppy “I enjoyed climbing and the zip wire “.

Oli “I loved the zip wire it as so high, but I did it”.

Zeus “I’ve loved all of it”.

Bethany “I went really fast on the zip wire “.

Sophie “I liked paddling round canoeing “.

We will be home in time for the end of the school day. Please leave space for the bus. All the Horstead children (and their washing) can be collected from the Year 3 classroom at 3pm.

2 thoughts on “We’ve had a ‘crate’ time

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Thank you so much to all the staff for making such lasting memories for our awesome kiddies!! You are awesome!


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