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SATs Year 6 are very happy!

A massive well done to Year 6, they have finished their SATs and have been superb throughout the week. Everyone has tried their hardest and worked to the very best of their ability. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Thank you to everyone (parents, careers and staff) who have supported the children. Whilst not everyone agrees with the process, it is a good start for the children learning to complete the tests in conditions they will face each year at High School and even for further education.

We have survived the process by eating cake! Thank you to all the wonderful bakers this week who have helped lift the spirits of the children after each test, we’ve had an extremely yummy selection.

A last big thank you to all the parents who have encouraged their children to attend the twice weekly booster sessions, these are a valuable time where we can work more closely with the children who need a boost in some areas of the work we cover. I know some of you have had to rearrange your work commitments so you are able to collect your child, we greatly appreciate this.

Work doesn’t stop here, as I write this the children are working hard writing about this whole experience using all their writing skills.

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