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Year 6 Cycling Course

I am really pleased to say that all the Year 6 cyclists passed their Norfolk County Council On Road Level 2 Cycling Course this morning. Nigel Aubrey from the Road Safety Team came to assess the children. They had to show they can safe look, turn left and right and pass a stationary vehicle. Nigel was really impressed with them and their manoeuvres. A massive thank you to Mrs Cooke who trained the children to this high level and to Mrs Bircham, Freya and Hannah, as well as Mrs Morant for helping on Wednesday.

During their training the children did encounter problems along their routes, speeding vehicles through the 20mph section, delivery vehicles, cars parked inconveniently and impatient drivers trying to overtake whilst it was dangerous to do so, big tractors with trailers, the list could go on. It is a real eye opener being on the road outside our school, it is busier than you might think, so please be careful when approaching the school. It is only 20mph!

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