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Presenting…. Year 4!

The children have started to settle well into Year 4. We are getting routines established throughout the day and getting to know each other and our little ways.

Each child has a home/school book which you are able to comment in. Please check these regularly and sign each week. Letters home are put in the plastic wallet with the book so they don’t get lost in the bottom of a school bag.

Homework will generally be set during the week. Spellings are every Monday to be tested every Friday. Times tables are expected to be learnt throughout the week and are tested daily through out Fast Maths session. The class will receive work through google classroom, we will be setting this up over the next few weeks. Sum dog will be set each week with set work, challenges and free time on it. The Login for this is in the back of your child’s home/school book.

It is great so many of the class have signed up for the Chrome books, there are still a few to be distributed and a few problems to iron out, it has been a mammoth task to organise but Mr I and Mrs Abrahams have worked so hard to make sure everything is running smoothly on top of their normal work load. Please charge the chrome books up at home leaving the chargers at home during the day.

Finally, we took a class photo of the beginning of the year, hope you like it. It’s going to be a great year, I’m looking forward to it and all the challenges it will bring.

One thought on “Presenting…. Year 4!

  1. Oh my goodness our kids are just too cool!!! Love the photo!
    Thanks Mrs B for the update and I think the plastic wallet idea is genius – crumpled letters at the bottom of a bag will finally be a thing of the past!


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