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Year 4 News

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Year 4 children back tomorrow all refreshed after a lovely half term break and ready for a what looks like a long half term until Christmas. I wonder who will be sitting at our Achievement table? I’m also wondering if you notice anything different in the classroom… What can it possibly be?

Here are just a few reminders for the start of this half term.

  1. Please make sure you are wearing a lovely warm coat, maybe even hats, scarf and gloves can be in your bags as the weather is becoming noticeably chillier.
  2. Have a warm PE kit ready for Wednesday afternoon.
  3. Parent meeting reply slips, you all had a letter at the end of half term.

In Design and Technology we are looking at, and later making, levers and leverages that you can find in books, some examples might be pop up books, non fiction books where you can lift flaps up, turn wheels etc. Have you got any of these at home? Can you bring them in and share with everyone ready for Friday afternoon please? I’ll look too, however I think my 17 year old might not have these sort of books anymore!

See you tomorrow.

Mrs B.

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