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Children’s Centres Proposed Closures

Many of you may have read or seen the news that children’s centres within the local area are under proposals to close, with Stibbard being named as one.

This is your chance as parents to have your say on what the building could be used for, if the children centre services can no longer be provided in the building as the proposal sets out. It is for all people of Norfolk to have their say, as well as parents & staff of the nursery & the school.

The nursery, breakfast & after-school club are now managed by the school, so are not classed as one of the services that are provided under a Children’s Centre, but this does mean that if the closures go ahead there might be an opportunity for the nursery & school to extend.

Therefore, we would strongly urge everybody to read the document & have a say on what you would like to see provided in the building if the proposed closures go ahead, by following the instructions on the link below.

The consultation ends at midnight tomorrow so time is running out! Have your say!

Many thanks for your continued support of the nursery, breakfast & after school club

Tracey Bunting

Daycare Manager

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