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Anti Bullying Week

In school this week we will be raising the awareness of Anti-Bullying in a positive way that helps children realise that we should RESPECT each other all the TIME. We started today by having a special assembly to introduce the week.

On Wednesday we have said the children can wear odd socks, the louder and brighter the better. We are not asking for anything in return, we want the children to feel confident and happy in their choices and that everyone will respect their choice. School uniform should still be worn, just the socks can be different.

If you have the chance to talk with your children here are a few discussions you could instigate.

1. If you saw someone showing disrespect to someone at school or at a club you attend who would you go to? How would you respond?

2. What act of kindness can you show this week in the playground, the classroom, the dining hall or at a club after school? How can you demonstrate a respect for others?

3. Make a poster or a drawing to show RESPECT.

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