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A Spaceship has landed!

What great excitement at All Saints today. We arrived to find a spaceship had crash landed into the reading pod! Where was it from? How did it get here? Were there aliens aboard? If so, where were the aliens now?

Each class cautiously ventured outside to see the spaceship. There were gasps of surprise, many different assumptions as to how it had landed at All Saints.

At break time there was still no sign of any aliens, however some children heard them in the PE shed, some even peeped through a hole and saw them there!

Lunchtime came, children came running to the staff room… the space ship had left! Who had seen it go? Some confessed to seeing it go in a puff of smoke, others said the army had been and taken it away! Imaginations have run riot today and as a result there has been some amazing creative writing.

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