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Y3 and Y4 production of Zoom!

This week the Year 3 and 4 children have worked their socks off preparing for the productions of ZOOM. They have gone from strength to strength and are (very nearly) ready for the dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon.

Costumes- Thank you to everyone who has brought their costumes into school already. Please could all remaining costumes be sent in to school on Monday morning. It would be extremely helpful if costumes could be named and brought to school in a named carrier bag. Do let a member of staff know if you need any help with any part of the costumes.

Performances- There will be two performances on Wednesday 18th July. If you haven’t already booked your tickets, please send your ticket requests into school on Monday. Tickets are free. Please bring your tickets with you when you come to watch the performances.

Afternoon performance- the afternoon performance will start at 1:30 and will be finished before the end of the school day at 3pm.

Evening performance- For the evening performance, children need to be back in school by 6pm. Please could you bring them into school through the front entrance. If you are staying for the performance, you will be able to take your seats at this time. If you are not staying for the performance, the children will be ready to collect at 7:30 from their usual classrooms.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

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Homework and books from last year

The year three children have brought home their old exercise books from year two today. Their year three books will remain in school and will be passed up to their new class teacher, Mrs Budgett.

Green homework books have also been sent home. Homework this week is to finish learning all of the song words and any acting lines, ready for next week. If you still have an orange homework book, please bring it back in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Niven

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PE Kits

We hope you have now had plenty of sleep after your residential trip to Horstead (or your busy few days with Miss Harwin and the y4s at school)!

If you have taken your PE Kits home to wash, please remember to bring them into school tomorrow!

Many thanks.

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Easter homework for Year 3

Dear Year Three

Today you will have been given a runner bean seed and a diary for your science homework. During the holidays, we would like you to observe what happens to your bean.

Step 1: Soak your bean overnight.

Step 2: Use kitchen roll to hold your bean in place inside a drinking glass or glass jar.

Step 3: Put a little water in the jar. (Enough to get the kitchen roll moist but not soggy!)

Step 4: Place the jar in a warm sunny place.

Step 5: Check your bean everyday and keep the kitchen towel moist by adding more water if needed.

Step 6: As changes happen to your bean, use words and pictures to record them in your diary. (Don’t forget the date each time!)

You will need to keep adding to your diary throughout next term, but bring your diary into school each Friday so we can see how your bean is growing! Good Luck!

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World Book Day in Year3

World Book Day was worth waiting for, even if it was a few days later than planned this year!

Year 3 looked amazing in their Book Day outfits and they proudly waved their wonderful flags for the whole school during our assembly this afternoon. Well done to everyone for all of the hard work that went into creating the flags and the outfits.

All of the children will be bringing their £1 Book token home tonight- look out for them in the orange homework books. There is also a letter about the travelling book fair, which will be in school from Wednesday next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Niven