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Year 5 hit the slopes!

We had a fantastic day skiing with year 5 in Norwich today. The children did so well and embraced every opportunity available to them. My apologies if I didn’t manage to get a photo of every child but they were here there and everywhere and were hard to snap in action.

Next week it would be great if the children could definitely have a full drinks bottle to take as it’s thirsty work out there!

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Football Festival

Mr Coppack and I couldn’t be more proud of the 10 children that we took to the football festival in  Norwich yesterday. Not only because they behaved impeccably but also because they remained unbeaten in all of their 7 games, scoring a whopping  16 goals between them. Well done team Stibbard! (we finally managed a sensible photo)

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Graduation Day in Reception

Today was a very proud day for the Reception team as we watched the children graduate. They have all achieved so much as individuals throughout the year and they are now more then ready for the challenge of year one. The children have been a joy to work with this year and we hope you all have a lovey summer break

The Reception Team

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The All Saints Bakery

Reception have been trying their hand at baking bread today to coincide with our class story ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children made their own individual creation from start to finish (I hoe you enjoyed them all last night).

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Special visit for Reception

Reception class were very lucky today to receive a visit from Megan, a local vet nurse, Bonzo the Labrador, Harold the tortoise and a selection of teeth and skulls.

Megan chatted to the children about her job role and explained to them how we can keep our pets cool in the hot weather. She also showed us what the vet team have to wear when they carry out important medical procedures by getting the children to dress Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Eckett up.

Reception also got to use a stethoscope to check that the grown ups hearts were still beating.

Quaid-“my favourite part was when Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Eckett were dressed up”

Milly-“I liked touching the tortoise”

Ralph-“I liked it when the tortoise had a wee”

Danny-“I liked the tortoise”

Evie-“my favourite bit was Bonzo”. .