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Year 4 investigate ‘evaporation’….

The children were able to use candles to heat water so that they could observe evaporation!

We discussed how the particles in solids, liquids and gases differ. We also talked about why and how water can turn into vapour! The children enjoyed observing changes as their water got hotter!

We also looked at candle wax – the children were fascinated with how it changed as it cooled down!

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Changes to our ‘Extended Schools’ clubs

Dear Parents / Carers

Due to the snow last week, three clubs were not able to run  Therefore, the Multi-sports club (Fridays) and the Dance Club (Thursdays) will be offering additional sessions during the first week of the Summer term.

Dance club – Thursday 19th April (3:15pm – 4pm)

Multi-sports club – Friday 20th April (3:15pm – 4:15pm

The Film Makers club are offering an additional  session for each of their groups on 23rd and 28th March (3pm-4pm)….any queries, please contact Tamion.

Also, the Theatre club will run to 4:20pm for the rest of the term due to Michelle not being able to run her first session.

Thank you

Miss Harwin