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Harvest Assembly

Today Andy Jones and Mrs Bushby helped us celebrate Harvest! The children learned the importance of helping others and sharing! We enjoyed prayers and lots of fun songs!  It was lovely to see all the wonderful food donations for the local food bank! Thank you to all who contributed and joined us in our celebrations!

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Year 4 investigate string phones!

The children were surprised at how well their string phones worked today when they used them outside.  The children investigated them by tightening, loosening, lengthening and shortening their phone strings,  clipping pegs on their strings and adding second strings etc! They felt vibration and began thinking more about sound waves and materials sound can travel though! 

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Anglo Saxon Boats

I set Year 4 a challenge to find out about Anglo Saxon boats – they didn’t disappoint me!!  I have enjoyed looking at impressive 3D boats, information posters, sketches, Lego creations and information pages!  We now all know where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came from and which sea they crossed! 

I am very impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm my class have shown since the start of term! 

Miss Harwin