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Year 2 Investigate

We have been reading Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers in which a boy takes his plane to the moon where he meets an alien. The alien wanted to go on a space walk but his space glove had a hole in it. The children had to think of ways to mend it and ways to test if it was airtight. We decided to test the glove using water as, ifwater leaked through, then the glove would not be airtight. The children had great fun testing the strength of plaster, sellotape and masking tape. They worked well in their groupsas discussing their reasons why the glove still leaked. 

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Castle Capers

Year 2 headed off to the Castle museum in Norwich today to find out about life in castle times. The children met characters dressed up in clothes from the past. They learned about knights and jousting and made a pennant flag that was waved at jousting events. The children handled both real artefacts from the past and replicas and they had to guess what they were. Finally they learned that it was smelly in castle times from the cooking smells, the smoke from the fire, unwashed bodies and sewage. The children smelt the herbs and spices wrapped in pieces of cloth that people held to their noses to avoid the stench around them. 

After lunch Year 2 looked round different rooms in the castle before returning to school. My thanks to the parents and staff and those at the museum who made our day a memorable one.

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Reading / maths cafe

This morning Reception and Years 1 and 2 had their Reading Cafe. We read The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen where a rat in a pet show desperately tries to persuade a boy to choose him to buy. There are wierd and wonderful pets like the skink and the anteater all at different prices and the boy has a decision to make on how to spend his £1. 

The children then chose to complete maths questions ranging from counting, working out change and investigating possible combinations of pets the boy could buy. Children role played in a pet shop and some painted animals with their price labels attached. 

Thank you so much to those parents who came to support the cafe. The children really enjoyed  sharing the experience with their parents.