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Mrs Budgett gets a little worried!

As I was working with Year 4 today I was aware of some Roman soldiers marching past my classroom. I looked out cautiously to see them in a long line past my room stretching all the way to the library behind their leader Centurion Jeary…. was there trouble ahead? Luckily no, apparently they were off to practice their defence actions by forming into a tortoise shape so the energy couldn’t infiltrate them! I did breathe a sigh of relief and returned to Year 4 and their art work on WW1.

Well done Year 3, your shields looked amazing.

Mrs B

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Writing for a younger audience.

Over the last few weeks Year 6 have been looking at writing for a younger audience. We read different tales written by Beatrix Potter, studied the format of them and then wrote our own stories in the style of the author, as well as this the class painted watercolour pictures of their stories. To finish off the project the stories were made into books.

Year 1 were the audience, we had a lovely story time on Friday afternoon, everyone had a great time listening to four different adventures.

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Year 4 investigate ‘evaporation’….

The children were able to use candles to heat water so that they could observe evaporation!

We discussed how the particles in solids, liquids and gases differ. We also talked about why and how water can turn into vapour! The children enjoyed observing changes as their water got hotter!

We also looked at candle wax – the children were fascinated with how it changed as it cooled down!

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On Thursday, Year 4 enjoyed learning about human digestion! It got really fun when we produced our own digestive system.

The children used scissors and mashers to crush up bread and milk in a bowl, this represented food and drink in the mouth being ripped and chewed by the teeth. Water was added in place of saliva and then the mixture started to look a lot different.

Next, we used a tube and a plastic bag which showed the food entering the stomach. Cola was added to signify acid. Next, we poured the liquid into tights to show how nutrients and moisture are absorbed into the body. The children loved squeezing the food along the intestines until finally what was left came out of the other end!!

It was a huge amount of fun.

Well done Year 4. Miss Harwin