Artists at Work

It’s been a couple of weeks since Year 5 have been able to work on their giant landscape paintings because of the weather. We have made the most of the beautiful sunshine today and as you can see our paintings are really starting to take shape.

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Year 4 investigate string phones!

The children were surprised at how well their string phones worked today when they used them outside.  The children investigated them by tightening, loosening, lengthening and shortening their phone strings,  clipping pegs on their strings and adding second strings etc! They felt vibration and began thinking more about sound waves and materials sound can travel though! 

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Year 4 Investigate Sound and Vibration

The children are enjoying finding out about sound and vibration.  Today they got some surprises, especially when they placed a vibrating tuning fork in water.  They all plucked rubber bands and made paper clips bounce off a tambourine by creating vibrations. They also explored a range of musical instruments and described  how they made their sounds.

It was a fun afternoon and the children all took part enthusiastically.