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Collective Worship with Andy Jones

We had another great assembly with Andy this morning following our theme of Courage. The whole school were involved and very active. Well done to the four helpers who had to act out the story. Andy talked about how we get through difficult times with our problems and having the courage to find someone who will help us solve them.

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Collective Worship with Andy

This morning we had a very active Collective Worship with Andy from Raise. The theme was Courage. Andy always presents an assembly getting the children involved, they really enjoy themselves whilst learning about the bible stories.

The children were encouraged to think about Courage and how we react in a situation.

We ended the CW with a prayer and a song called Nothing is Impossible.

We are already looking forward to the next time Andy is in with us.

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Governor Monitoring – Collective Worship

Joining the children for a Collective Worship assembly with Reverend Robin was very special.
The children from Reception to Year 6 were a credit to the school (and their parents/guardians). Reverend Robin spoke about Christmas, about Mary’s difficult decision and of course about Jesus – though some of the children were keen to talk about Santa!
Everyone sung Away in a Manger – the children sounded wonderful. Words for a different verse were shown and the older ones managed to sing along before everyone sang the first verse once again. Reverend Robin talked about a very special CD which had been recorded at the local schools including Stibbard and showed the children a copy.
After the assembly I spoke to children from Year’s 1 and 2 who told me how good singing made them feel. They talked quite confidently about Jesus and Mary and told me that respect (which had been briefly mentioned by Mrs Cockburn in the assembly) was important for all of us.
I also talked to children from Year’s 4 and 6 who spoke about the difficult decision Mary had faced when approached as to whether she should have Jesus. They could clearly explain that the name Christmas comes from Jesus Christ. The children talked about respect and how to show it and why. They enjoyed singing and recalled the picture blanket of Mary which Reverend Robin showed during the assembly. All four of the children gave suggestions (which have been passed to headteachers and Mrs Cockburn) about ways of making Collective Worship assemblies more relevant to them. This showed both interest and confidence and is commendable.
I would like to thank all the children and the teachers for making me feel so welcome.