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Spree Books Reminder

Message from the Friends: Please return all Spree books to school by the morning of Friday 21st July.  Any payments can then be processed, in order for you to get your card and be able to use the vouchers.

If you have decided that a Spree Book is not for you, please do send back by Friday as any spare books can be sent back to the suppliers.

Many thanks

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Author visit: Debra J Edwards

Today we had a children’s author visit our school. KS2 had a special assembly to promote the pleasure of reading and the excitement of writing. Debra was highly animated and the children laughed out loud throughout. The children had to come up with plenty of incredible ideas to generate a story, which they did in abundance. 

Debra J Edwards has written many children’s books including: The Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector series which is aimed at KS2  readers.