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Illness in school

We have many children absent from school at the moment because of a sickness and diarrhoea bug doing the rounds. There are also many children suffering with hacking coughs.

Please help us by talking with your children about hygiene, washing their hands after visiting the toilet, as well as using the hand gels in every class. Having coughed with the hand over their mouths they should then wash their hands too.

If your child has been sick or suffered a tummy upset then we ask they are absent for 48 hours before returning to school since the last bout.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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Chrome Book Plea!

Please can you ensure your child’s chrome book is fully charged at home. This will help us enormously because we can’t have chrome book chargers dangling from the plug to a table where your child is sitting. It is a Health and Safety issue for staff and children.

We also have the issue of chrome book chargers coming into school, having to be used and then being left at school, like unnamed school uniform, it is very hard to work out whose charger has been left in school.

Thank you for your co-operation and if it’s your child’s charger left in Year 4 today, don’t panic, Mrs Budgett has it!

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Football Festival

Mr Coppack and I couldn’t be more proud of the 10 children that we took to the football festival in  Norwich yesterday. Not only because they behaved impeccably but also because they remained unbeaten in all of their 7 games, scoring a whopping  16 goals between them. Well done team Stibbard! (we finally managed a sensible photo)