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Making Viking Villages

Year 5 have been busy making Viking villages to show Year 4 with the aim to enthuse Year 4 about learning Vikings next year. They researched using chrome books, discussed their designs and had to cooperate in their group to make it. Lots of listening, negotiation and cooperation. Lots of mess along the way and the results are wonderful.

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West Stow Anglo Saxon Village

We have had a lovely day at West Stow learning about The Anglo Saxons and furthering our knowledge of them. We looked at artefacts, the children explored houses and discovered that extended families all lived together. They were fascinated by the museum and loved trying on clothes from the era.

Well done Year 4, a great first visit out. I’m really pleased with you.

There are more photos which I’ll try and make a folder for. Please do not share these and post on social media.

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Year 4 West Stow

We’ve had a great day, the rain has held off and even the coats have stayed off!

We have just left and will update you later about our arrival time. As a guide it could be 4.45ish.