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Sports Day reminders and details.

Please could children come to school in their PE kits on Thursday.

Please park at the church. The playground will not be open for parking.

Key Stage 1 and Reception races will start at 11:30 am. Key Stage 2 races will start at 1:15 pm. There is a family picnic from 12:15 until 1 pm. The school Summer Fair, arranged by The Friends, will start once sports day has finished.

The weather is looking promising and we are looking forward to an enjoyable day of activities.

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Lego Last Call

Please bring in any remaining Lego Tokens this week. So far, we’ve counted 1800 and possibly have the same amount again to get through.

Thank you

Mr B and the Year 6 counting team

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Year 4 Messages

Some children are still bringing in their chrome books having not charged them at home. I’d really appreciate you checking the charge is full as having charging leads in the classroom is a real hazard.

There are still some children not bringing their PE kit to school. It needs to be in school on a Monday through to Friday each week. Every child needs a change of T shirt, a pair of shorts and trainers. Today there are children having to do PE in their school tops, school trousers or skirts and their school shoes! We haven’t got spare kit to hand out.

The class are really enjoying learning about what is like to be a child in WW2. I am constantly amazed at the information some of them are relaying to me. Many of the children are lucky to still have great grandparents, elderly friends or neighbours who lived through the war years. It would be fantastic to get the children questioning them to see what they can recall. Have they got any memorabilia, photos etc that they would like to share?

Finally, I’m really proud of Year 4 and how they behaved and enthused about last week, whether at How Hill or at school. They have been like little sponges absorbing so much. Well done Year 4 and your parents for helping to encourage you.

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Sun Cream, Sun Hats and water bottles for EVERYONE

This is a message for everyone from Reception to Year 6.

Please can you ensure your child is now bringing to school a NAMED sun hat and a small bottle of sun cream, also named to school each day. We can not apply the sun cream to your child so would appreciate you talking them through how to apply it.

Reusuable water bottles are also needed in school. They should be brought in with a name clearly on them. Many children already have the same, being named makes life so much easier for everyone. We also request that it is water in them and not squash or fizzy drinks.

Many thanks.

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Sun Safety in Reception

Now the weather is (hopefully!) warming up please can we ask that your child has a sun hat, drinks bottle (water only please!) and wearing sunscreen which has been applied before arrival to school in the morning.

Children may bring in their own sunscreen to reapply during the school day. We ask that your child is able to apply this to themselves. The ‘roller’ type sunscreens have been recommended to us and are particularly good for smaller hands – thank you very much to Millie’s mum for the recommendation.


In the days ahead we will be spending lots of time outside practising for our upcoming sports day next week. Therefore the above is really important.

Thank you for your support with this.

Reception Team.