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Partnership Update

We are now one week into our new partnership with North Elmham, and I am delighted to report a great deal of positivity!  On the first day back the children from both schools exchanged letters expressing their hopes for a future together, and the management teams of both schools are working closely already and making many plans.  On Monday both governing bodies met to discuss how to work together for the benefit of both schools, and whilst we wish them to retain separate identities, we will work to create a shared vision and ethos.  We are looking at ways to support and work together for efficiency and continued improvement, and have set up various working parties to enable a joined up approach from the start.  Whilst day to day you may not notice much difference, we know that the foundations we are building now will help to secure bright futures for both schools. If you have any questions about the partnership, do not hesitate to speak to any of our staff or governors.

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First day of new lunch provider

It was delightful as Chair of Governors (and a mummy) to have two bouncing children come home today declaring that the school packed lunch today was AMAZING.  Apparently school sandwiches were even better than I can make (cheers kids), but given that they contained real gammon ham and were made with homemade bread, I am not sure I can compete. The grapes were juicy, they enjoyed the flapjack and apparently the carrots were freshly cut. Day 1 of our new lunch provider looks promising for the future, I cannot wait to hear what happens when our spanking new on site kitchen is built.
Welcome Edwards and Blake, we look forward to working with you and enjoying your home cooked and wholesome food.  I would urge all parents (if you don’t already) to consider the school lunches for your children, especially if they are in Reception or KS1 as they are free.
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Partnership Meeting for Parents

We had a good open session on Monday talking to parents about the proposed new partnership with North Elmham and answering all questions brought to the governors. Later in the day a similar meeting was held at North Elmham. Governors from Stibbard and North Elmham, together with staff, answered questions relating to how partnership will affect the children day to day, how much the management team will still be present at Stibbard, communication, what the differences are between partnership and federation and how the schools are looking to work together for school improvement.

I can report that the feeling is positive, and that all parents said that they could understand that this move is made with the future sustainability of both schools in mind.  If any parents have any other questions about the proposed partnership, please do not hesitate to pop into school and speak to any of Mrs Batcock, Miss Tobin or Mr Isherwood.
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Governor Monitoring – Science

A visit to year 5’s science lesson on 17/1/17 was very interesting. The enthusiasm of the children was clear as they discussed the outcome of the previous week’s experiments with evaporating salt and producing crystals. They then moved on to develop their own experiments with grit and salt on ice to try and understand the effect on road surfaces.
The energy and enthusiasm of the children did not wane throughout and as the summary session drew to a close nearly all the experiments had been successful (those less successful were invited to suggest how it might have gone better.)
A delightful hour.
Hugh Lanham (Local Authority Governor)