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Well done to Y 3&4 from the Governors

Watching Year’s 3 & 4 perform Zoom! was wonderful, we had all heard little snippets of lovely singing at meetings. The children had been practising for weeks and finally on a warm July day their time to perform to parents had arrived.

The show told the story of the hare and the tortoise and the children were split between the two sides – team hare and team tortoise.

All the children were confident in their lines and knew when it was their time to get up on the stage including the very important stage hands. The singing was incredible with some outstanding performances and the acting spoke of the ease that the children felt with the play. Standing on the stage at 7, 8 or 9 and either singing or acting your lines can feel very daunting yet the children all took it in their stride.

There were many hare puns and other funny moments that parents will cherish for a long time. The children clearly enjoyed being a part of the performance and all of the parents, grandparents, other family members and friends really enjoyed watching it.

Well done All and a huge thank you as ever goes to the wonderful Stibbard staff who put so much into organising these events.

Oh and Team Tortoise won! Go Toby!

Alison Woodward (Foundation Governor)

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Governor Monitoring – Collective Worship

Joining the children for a Collective Worship assembly with Reverend Robin was very special.
The children from Reception to Year 6 were a credit to the school (and their parents/guardians). Reverend Robin spoke about Christmas, about Mary’s difficult decision and of course about Jesus – though some of the children were keen to talk about Santa!
Everyone sung Away in a Manger – the children sounded wonderful. Words for a different verse were shown and the older ones managed to sing along before everyone sang the first verse once again. Reverend Robin talked about a very special CD which had been recorded at the local schools including Stibbard and showed the children a copy.
After the assembly I spoke to children from Year’s 1 and 2 who told me how good singing made them feel. They talked quite confidently about Jesus and Mary and told me that respect (which had been briefly mentioned by Mrs Cockburn in the assembly) was important for all of us.
I also talked to children from Year’s 4 and 6 who spoke about the difficult decision Mary had faced when approached as to whether she should have Jesus. They could clearly explain that the name Christmas comes from Jesus Christ. The children talked about respect and how to show it and why. They enjoyed singing and recalled the picture blanket of Mary which Reverend Robin showed during the assembly. All four of the children gave suggestions (which have been passed to headteachers and Mrs Cockburn) about ways of making Collective Worship assemblies more relevant to them. This showed both interest and confidence and is commendable.
I would like to thank all the children and the teachers for making me feel so welcome.

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Governor Monitoring – School Lunches

On Tuesday I joined the children for another lunch from our kitchen. I am pleased to report that the quality is still very high, the food is hot and the portion sizes good and vary according to the age of the children. The atmosphere was calm, many options are offered and the staff are very supportive of our children while they eat. It is great to see that up to 120 children a day are now eating a school provided meal, which is home cooked and nutritious. I really enjoyed not only the food, but the company of the children who all sat beautifully, chatted quietly and ate nicely.

Governor Monitoring – Collective Worship

On Monday I attended the harvest assembly to enjoy collective worship with the children, staff and families. Andy Jones from ‘Raise’ led an energetic and interactive assembly that reinforced the Christian values of sharing and thankfulness. Mrs Bushby also came to talk to the children about her work as a debt counsellor for the charity ‘Christians against Poverty’, and discuss the importance of careful budgeting and asking for/giving help when someone’s worries become too great.
There was some fantastic singing that really raised the roof!

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Governor Monitoring – Educational Visits

An excited but calm group of children from Years 3 & 4 boarded the bus and showed the importance of the preparation time put in by the class teachers. During the journey to Houghton Hall there were lots of excited conversations about the trip and meeting children from North Elmham School and the behaviour was very good.
On arrival at Houghton Hall the children were split into three groups each with children from both schools. All had name badges as this was the first joint trip and the children started to make friends during the morning activities. These included, using words to describe a dream, written in a spiral; finding words to express their surroundings and making art from these words using letters on slate.
Following lunch there was time to play before a treasure hunt in the Walled Garden. There were small groups with children from each school, each group working well together as they sped around the large and fascinating gardens looking for the pictures on their sheets.
The day ended with lots of waves and a new sense of friendship and partnership from the children.