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Buy Books for Home, Earn Books for School!


The ‘Friends’ have signed up to a new scheme with ‘The Book People’ to help raise funds for school books.


Spend £20 at The Book People and get £5 off, PLUS raise money for school books.

Everyone’s a winner! If you spend £20 with The Book People this summer you’ll get £5 off and the school with get 10% commission which can be used to buy new school books.

It’s a nice and easy way to help the school and to raise money for books which the children will get to benefit from. All you need to do to get the offer is;

  1. Go to and enter in Stibbard’s unique fundraising code which is y1pFArX
  2. Spend over £20 to get £5 off. ( offer can only be used once and expires on the 5th Sept 2017)
  3. The school earns 10% commission which can be used to buy books for the school.

The offer runs until 5th Sept 2017 and can only be used once per customer but don’t worry, there will be a new offer each half term.

Thanks for your continued support.

The ‘Friends’ Committee.

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How many Penguins?

Last week, during book week, the school went penguin mad! The whole school used the book 365 Penguins to base their learning on. In maths pupil looked at; how numbers could be represented, odd and evens, doubling and halving, keeping totals, arrays, square numbers, days of the week, month and year. The also looked at Pascal’s triangle, distances to visit the penguins and time to get there. To name but a few of the activities.

 In English instructions for looking after penguins, poems, creative stories and non-chronological reports were some of the areas covered by classes.

Science looked at habitats, adaptations, food chains and classification. The art can be seen in the library! 

The children had a great week studying the same book but learning in completely different ways! 

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Story Writing Winners

Following the visit by author Kevin Crossley-Holland, Years 5 and 6 wrote stories which were sent for him to read. He was impressed with the standard of writing and chose two winners who received signed books written by Kevin. We are very proud of Harry and Meg and wish to thank Kevin for taking the time to read the stories and providing his books as prizes.