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Amazing Year 4

Today I took the children to Gresham’s Preparatory School so they could take part in the WCET Music Hub’s Sinfonia concert.

The children were absolutely fantastic and had a wonderful day.  I was proud to be with such a talented, confident and happy bunch of children.  They sang, danced, played their violins and used percussion instruments alongside other children.

All were amazed to be inside such an interesting ‘tent’ and join in with a performance on such a large scale.

Well done Year 4 and also to Mrs Clinton for all her hard work this year, getting the children to such a high standard with their violin playing.

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A Day with the Egyptians!

Today, Year 4 visited Norwich Castle for an Egyptian themed day.  We were immediately transported back in time to around 3500 BC where we met a lady artist who was in a royal tomb. She told us how important the tomb was and how all the special objects in it were sacred. She was very protective of the tomb.   Suddenly we were transported forwards to the 1920s where an archaeologist started taking things from the tomb and explaining that it was for research so people like us could learn about past.   The two characters had two different opinions and the children were told that this would be a theme discussed throughout the day.  It was then 2017 again and we began our fantastic workshops.

We handled and discussed ancient Egyptian artefacts.  We talked about Gods, charms and jewellery,  and we made our own necklaces.  We acted out jobs that ancient Egyptians would have done and finally we met a lady who told us about mummification.  The highlight was being able to see a real Egyptian mummy and also a mummified cat and crocodile.  We spent time looking at the museum’s Egyptian displays – they were fascinating!

The children were able to answer so many questions today and they demonstrated how much they already know about ancient Egypt.  It was pleasure taking my class out today.  They were so well behaved, sensible and polite – they were all brilliant!!!!!  Thank you also to Terri and Liam for coming with us and helping!