The circus is coming!

We are so excited to let you all know that Ferral Circus will be setting up their big top and visiting the children in our school from Wednesday 14th June.  All children will be taking part in circus workshops to learn skills which can be used in the grand performances!

We would love all families to be able to join us for one of the performances. It will be a lot of fun and your child will be able to join in if they wish! 

A letter will be sent home at the start of next term with details or please see Mrs Cairns for further information .

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Marvellous mathematicians

Max and Olivia were our mathematicians of the day on Friday. They used a variety of different methods to show how to represent a two digit number. Eagle eyed readers of this post may notice one which wasn’t quite finished and one which they were unable to do as the number was too big!

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The dinosaur adventures continue in Year 1!

Year 1  have been continuing to demonstrate their exceptional investigative skills.  They used pictures of animal jaws to help them work out how to sort animals in groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. They also used their understanding of dinosaur features to design and make their own dinosaurs.  Year 1 have been putting some final touches to their clay work, using a watered down paint wash before rubbing it down to reveal their textures. 

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Dinosaur Antics in Year 1

Mr I called on Year 1 on Thursday morning as the builders had made a discovery and needed our help.

After investigating we discovered a large dinosaur nest containing dinosaur eggs. The children worked carefully to release the baby dinosaurs. 

They wrote an investigation report for Mr Isherwood and next week will be writing about their baby dinosaur. 

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How many Penguins?

Last week, during book week, the school went penguin mad! The whole school used the book 365 Penguins to base their learning on. In maths pupil looked at; how numbers could be represented, odd and evens, doubling and halving, keeping totals, arrays, square numbers, days of the week, month and year. The also looked at Pascal’s triangle, distances to visit the penguins and time to get there. To name but a few of the activities.

 In English instructions for looking after penguins, poems, creative stories and non-chronological reports were some of the areas covered by classes.

Science looked at habitats, adaptations, food chains and classification. The art can be seen in the library! 

The children had a great week studying the same book but learning in completely different ways!