Over the next few weeks Year 2 will be constructing some space ships and rockets.  This is part of our Art and Design project.  Mrs Cairns and the children drew up a list of items needed.  Please bring any useful items into school by Monday.  Mrs Beardon is prepared for the junk invasion! 

  • Empty tubes
  • Bottle lids (for windows)
  • Milk cartons
  • Buttons
  • Clear plastic pots
  • Washing up liquid bottles
  • Boxes
  • Little paper cups
  • See through cups

If your child is unable to spot their idea on the list – it means that Mrs Cairns has already found it at school!

Space junk required!

The circus is coming!

We are so excited to let you all know that Ferral Circus will be setting up their big top and visiting the children in our school from Wednesday 14th June.  All children will be taking part in circus workshops to learn skills which can be used in the grand performances!

We would love all families to be able to join us for one of the performances. It will be a lot of fun and your child will be able to join in if they wish! 

A letter will be sent home at the start of next term with details or please see Mrs Cairns for further information .

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Castle Capers

Year 2 headed off to the Castle museum in Norwich today to find out about life in castle times. The children met characters dressed up in clothes from the past. They learned about knights and jousting and made a pennant flag that was waved at jousting events. The children handled both real artefacts from the past and replicas and they had to guess what they were. Finally they learned that it was smelly in castle times from the cooking smells, the smoke from the fire, unwashed bodies and sewage. The children smelt the herbs and spices wrapped in pieces of cloth that people held to their noses to avoid the stench around them. 

After lunch Year 2 looked round different rooms in the castle before returning to school. My thanks to the parents and staff and those at the museum who made our day a memorable one.