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Socks Socks Socks for Anti-bullying week!

Today, Year 4 and Year 5 displayed a very colourful assortment of odd socks which really helped emphasise the message that everyone is valued and differences should be celebrated. Our differences mean that together we can be even more brilliant.

‘All Different All Equal’

In Year 4 we have been talking about different types of behaviour e.g. being rude, being mean and bullying.  We have also made a jigsaw puzzle where each child has created one piece about themselves.  The puzzle has no straight edges therefore allowing others to join. We are also reading Conker by Michael Morpurgo which deals with issues surrounding bullying.

Thank you for all those who donated £1.  The money will be counted shortly and I will share with you how much has been raised for the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Miss Harwin

Year 4


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A day out in West Stow

Today Year 4 visited the Anglo Saxon village at West Stow! The weather stayed dry and the children were great!

We enjoyed exploring the village, which has been constructed on the sight of an actual Anglo Saxon settlement! The posts of each house have been placed exactly onto the remains of original post holes! Each house has been constructed differently to test out ideas about how the Anglo Saxons lived! We had a talk in the ‘Great Hall’, met an Anglo Saxon villager who was making candles and even got taught some ancient English!
We had a lovely lunch and then got the chance to explore the museum and have a final talk where we got to look at artefacts (including jewellery, a brooch, an animal’s jaw and some actual Anglo Saxon poo)!!

The day was very much about how historians gather evidence, what the evidence tells us and why it is important to test out ideas about how people in the past once lived!
It was very fun, interesting and educational day!!