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Values Activity Week

The week has begun successfully with all the children and staff enjoying a day of Bollywood Dancing with Kalpesh. It was a great experience and so lovely to see all the smiling faces of the children. We ended the day with a whole school performance on the playground with the parents as our audience.

The children are now experiencing 15 different activities based on our school values. Each day they are rotating through five sessions based inside and outside of the school. I’m sure there will be more photos posted in the week so you are able to see what we have all been up to.

Thank you for all the amazing plants for Mrs Budgett’s activity, Creativity. We are creating beautiful space for all the veg, strawberry plants, herbs and plants you so kindly sent in.

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School Clothing Bank

One of our themes for Values Week is ‘Community’ and at All Saints we are fortunate to have a community clothing bank that raises vital funds for our school and the Salvation Army and also reduces waste going to landfill.

During the community session, each child will be given a Recycle With Michael bag to bring home that can be filled with any unwanted clothes or shoes and then returned to All Saints on any day the school is open.

If your child comes to school by bus, to save you making a special journey to school, Richards have kindly agreed to transport the bags on the morning school run. A member of staff will be available when the buses arrive at school to take any filled bags.

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E.T.O Shackleton’s Cat

Yesterday afternoon the whole of KS2 were lucky to see English Touring Operas performance of Shackleton’s Cat. As a school we were so fortunate to engage the company, we were the only school they are visiting this year whilst in Norfolk!

It was great to watch the children’s faces as they followed the story. Many said they were amazed and impressed with the performance.

It would be great to receive some more contributions towards the performance, bringing performers to school is cheaper than taking the children to a theatre to see professional musicians. As a school we are committed to giving your children a broad curriculum and experience through outreach programmes.

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Year 6 Homework – Working at having fun.

Part of the homework this weekend has to been to get outside and do something instead of maybe being on a gadget, to enjoy the fresh air and have fun and enjoyment with family and friends.

It has been lovely to receive messages from James, Georgie, Harry, Tom and Micky as well as George showing what they have been up to this weekend. I’m looking forward to receiving more soon and sharing what fun Year 6 have been doing.

Mrs B


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Year 5 and 6 Reading Cafe

This morning was the turn of Years 5 and 6 to hold their reading cafe. The book we were reading is called The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. The whole school are concentrating on it this week.

We read the book out aloud stopping at the Waste ground scene where the children thought of noun phrases to describe what they could see. They then thought of questions they could ask others about where the tunnel led to, finally we made still scenes of the forest trees which gave characters hidden amongst them.

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who managed to join us despite the snowy conditions.