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Year 6 at Norwich Cathedral. 

What a fabulous day we have had at Norwich Cathedral today. The Cathedral has been running a whole week of activities for the children of Norfolk about different people found in the bible and the messages they bring to us. Some children experienced dance, others had a musical experience, arts and crafts, relaxation… the day ended with a special service which involved the children and the many volunteers who had run the week. 

Year 6 were totally amazing, they were engaged enthusiastically in the activities and were working alongside children from other schools in their groups. They were well behaved, polite and responsible.   Every time  I caught the eye of one of them they beamed and said how much fun they were having. Thank you Year 6 for making me exceptionally proud, big thanks to Mrs Bircham and Mr V for accompanying us and making the day so special. 

Mrs Budgett

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Year 2 Investigate

We have been reading Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers in which a boy takes his plane to the moon where he meets an alien. The alien wanted to go on a space walk but his space glove had a hole in it. The children had to think of ways to mend it and ways to test if it was airtight. We decided to test the glove using water as, ifwater leaked through, then the glove would not be airtight. The children had great fun testing the strength of plaster, sellotape and masking tape. They worked well in their groupsas discussing their reasons why the glove still leaked. 

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Harvest Assembly

Today Andy Jones and Mrs Bushby helped us celebrate Harvest! The children learned the importance of helping others and sharing! We enjoyed prayers and lots of fun songs!  It was lovely to see all the wonderful food donations for the local food bank! Thank you to all who contributed and joined us in our celebrations!