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Year 6 explore Norwich

It is always sad to see half the year 6 children leaving for their high school transition ahead of the other half, so we try to do some fun activities with the children left behind.

We have had a lovely day in Norwich looking around. We walked through The Close at Norwich Cathedral down to the River Wensum, watched people canoeing, we came across a family of swans who weren’t the slightest bit worried about us watching them. We kept seeing the Hares placed around Norwich and enjoyed finding out about them all. We ventured to Tiger to spend pocket money before heading to The Forum to peer into Radio Norfolk broadcasting their show! We had a cheery wave from the broadcaster.

Finally we went on a mystery tour through the narrow lanes looking at different buildings. We ended up in St Benedicts, Mrs Budgett spotted a hare in the hairdressers that both she and Mrs Cooke visit, we waved to Josh, the owner of Atelier who then came out and invited us into the salon to look more closely at the hare. It was a welcome sit down for the children who then got talking with a Josh, before we knew it he was helping the boys restyle their hair! No cutting was involved but they did enjoy the pampering!

We ended the day in McDonalds near the airport, it was great to hear excellent manners from the children when ordering their meals.

Thank you Mrs Cooke for expertly driving the minibus for us and to Mr Cooke for accompanying us on our day out.

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Year 6 Norwich trip Monday 9th July.

Just a reminder about our trip to Norwich tomorrow.

  1. We are leaving at 9.30am and will return to school for 4.30pm.
  2. School uniform and sensible shoes for walking in.
  3. Sun cream applied before we go
  4. Sun hat is essential.
  5. £3.50 for McDonalds
  6. No more than £5 spending money
  7. Snack and a packed lunch are needed
  8. Plenty of water to drink throughout the day.
  9. Travel pills to be taken before we leave. Return travel pills in a named envelope and with the time they need to be taken for the return journey.

Thank you to those who have paid a contribution to this trip. If you are still able to do this please send the money in a named envelope in the morning. This is to cover the travel expenses of hiring a minibus to enable your child to have this lovely experience.

Many thanks

Mrs Budgett.

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Year 6 Leaving Day

It’s been an emotional day for many of the year 6 as we said goodbye to them this morning. Rev Varnon (Mr V as he is affectionately known by the children) led the service. The class shared their favourite memories, sang a song, led the prayers and received gifts and certificates to celebrate their time at All Saints coming to an end. 16 of them leave to attend Fakenham Academy’s transition programme, the remaining 14 are with us to the end of term.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the class this year, it has been an amazing year with wonderful children who have worked so hard, laughed so hard and made me extremely proud of every single one of them. I know they will embrace high school and all that it offers them.

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Homework and books from last year

The year three children have brought home their old exercise books from year two today. Their year three books will remain in school and will be passed up to their new class teacher, Mrs Budgett.

Green homework books have also been sent home. Homework this week is to finish learning all of the song words and any acting lines, ready for next week. If you still have an orange homework book, please bring it back in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Niven

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The All Saints Bakery

Reception have been trying their hand at baking bread today to coincide with our class story ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children made their own individual creation from start to finish (I hoe you enjoyed them all last night).