Library Corner

In 2014 we began the much needed process of developing our library area.

Our aim: to create an area where children would be inspired by books and to foster a life long love of reading.

After a lot of hard work from our dedicated staff we have achieved it! We are so proud of our new library area with its innovative layout, child friendly shelving and the hundreds of new books generously paid for by the Foyle Foundation.

Running alongside this we have been working hard to raise the profile of reading right across the school so that staff, children, parents and members of the local community can share their love of books. We were also fortunate to be visited by Steve Cole the author of the Astrosaurs and the latest Young James Bond novel. This was incredibly entertaining and inspiring for all children to enjoy reading and writing.

In the longer term we have secured a partnership with the children’s author David Bedford who will be our ‘Patron of Reading’. He was invited to officially open our new library on Thurs 5th March 2015 and joined us for the day running a series of workshops with each class. He will continue to work with us over the next year or so to help develop the reading culture of the school.

To further improve our library facilities we have invested in Junior Librarian, an on-line library management system. This not only enables us to keep track of what children have borrowed as well as check books in and out, it also provides an interactive platform for children and parents. Children can access video clips from authors, write reviews and get suggestions of what to read next based on what they have already borrowed.

Our physical library is also complemented by our eBook library which currently consists of around 60 novels which are free for you to download and put on your eReaders or devices.