School Premises, Security & Travel

Our school occupies a large, landscaped site on the northern edge of Stibbard. The Stibbard Children’s Centre, independent from the school, is adjacent and is available to parents of pre-school children. The centre also offers care for older pupils after school and during the holidays.

School visitors sign in to school and wear a Visitor’s badge.

The school site is locked out-of-hours and out of bounds to visitors or pupils. The building is alarmed and the school caretaker lives nearby. All doors on the access-side of the building have automatic locking systems.

There have been no reports of vandalism of the building since its opening, with one unauthorised entry recorded during a holiday period.

There is ample parking for staff and visitors. A bus bay at the front of the school is busy with traffic at the beginning and end of the school day but generally this is managed well. Those who live locally are encouraged to walk; those living in villages within our catchment area are encouraged to use the two school buses. We encourage car-sharing.