Year 4

What we love about Year 4 is the harder work which helps us learn to develop.

We enjoy learning through our class book, it  helps us with many subjects. 

We like being older and having more responsibilities. We are lucky that we are all friends and enjoy helping each other in many ways.

Year 4 – Latest News

Father Michael visits Year 4

Year 4 welcomed Father Michael Cartwright to the class on Thursday. They had prepared many interesting questions to ask him. The questions ranged from asking which was his favourite hymn, had he got a favourite bible story to his favourite ice-cream flavour. We found...

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Year 4 news 13/2/20

Year 4 are being kept busy. Last week we mummified tomatoes.... did they tell you about this? We are now patiently waiting until after half term to see the results of our efforts. This week we are focusing on class reading, the children are reading in pairs, looking...

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Year 4 Discuss Brexit

Year 4 have been learning about the historical importance of today. They say.... "we should stay in the European Union because it will cost us a lot of money to travel now" "It will change our lives after the 11 months transition." "I feel we should stay because we...

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